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Every monkey is different, both in looks and personality. Some are loving, some have tantrums, and some are hormonal, much like us humans. It's mainly how you raise them, that makes the difference.

Monkeys don't have enough advocates. They don't have voices and hands to get up and fight for themselves. They cannot tell their owners how to handle and treat them and they cannot tell their owners what is dangerous, or unhealthy for them. They can't go to the fridge and make a healthy, balanced meal for themselves. I am an advocate for them. I fight for them and I try to educate as many people as possible, and I hope that every one of our monkey parents that we educate will educate other monkey parents that do not know better. I will continue to fight for them until my dying day. I hope that the people I helped until then, will carry on with the legacy. There are thousands of monkeys out there that still need help, and whose parents don't know better, but I can't do that on my own, I just don't have enough resources. But for every monkey, that I know I've helped, that I know will have a better life because they are with informed parents that love them and nurture them, like all our monkey parents, makes me happy and is another success story. It gives me a sense of "Yes, another one is safe" and it makes me very happy.

We must remember that we take a wild animal, a primate with intelligence and special needs, and try to domesticate them. WE have to provide better for them, both dietary, physical, mentally and emotionally, than they would've had in the wild. We must put their needs first, before we want to fulfil our own needs of what we want our monkey to be. I know you get people that say "Oh, but a monkey belongs in their natural habitat", and I agree. But, us humans have basically destroyed their natural habitat, and monkeys there have a lower survival rate than in captivity. Soon, maybe 20 years from now, there won't be any natural habitat anymore. When that happens, the only monkeys that will survive, are the ones that are bred in captivity. If we don't change the world, many many animal species will be extinct soon.

Owning a monkey is a huge responsibility and require a lot of time, love, care and affection. I regularly get calls from parents who want to buy a monkey as a pet for their children. The problem with that is, a child cannot take care of a monkey. It's not like a cat, or a dog, that's content with being fed a bowl of pellets a couple of times a day. As babies, they require 2, 3, 4 hourly feedings, with precise measurements. Children tend not to wash their hands and, in so doing, transmit the Herpes Simplex Virus, among other diseases, that are lethal to your monkey. Bottom line, I believe children simply do not have the responsibility to take care of a monkey and I will not allow a monkey to go to that home.

In conclusion.
You've never had your heart burst and flow over with so much love and happiness, than being a true monkey parent. The golden rule is, What you put in, is what you get out, and your monkey's affection towards you, doesn't come naturally. Monkey are not toys. They are not pets for children. and they are not a "nice-to-have" gimmick, or social statement. They are a huge responsibility, with endless rewards.

Nature World News: Disturbed Habitats Leading to Increased Stress Levels in Mexican Howler Monkeys
Monkey Habitat - Monkey Facts and Information

Lizette Koekemoer, Owner


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